Hollywood Heartbreak | New York Dreams


Okay. Here's the truth. Yes, that was me! (I am visible in the picture)

I walked into Subway on Sunset Boulevard, craving some cookies. (And maybe to see who the 20 paparazzi outside were shooting.) When I got in line I noticed him. Having worked with celebrities in film and tv, and hanging out with them often, seeing him was not a huge deal to me. I mean the 12 year old girl inside was squealing with excitement, but the young adult male on the outside played it cool. He ordered his foot-long cold cut combo and we glanced and nodded at each other. Another person came into the store, ran up to him and said, "Oh my god! Can I shake your hand Justin?!?" Justin politely agreed and then the guy left. So when Justin got up to pay for his meal, he put his card into the machine and it was declined. (Probably a security fraud alert hold the banks do when people travel)

So he said, " I have to run out and get another card." Knowing the paparazzi would ask him why he didn't come out with his food, I decided to pay it for him to spare him that second trip out into the crush of photographers. He was so thankful and so gracious. A really nice guy.

So as the employee was packing up his meal (yes, a sub, 4 milks and cookies - I have the receipt) I told him about my inspiring new memoir, "Hollywood Heartbreak | New York Dreams" and invited him to the book signing. He said he was leaving out of town that night, so I offered him a copy of the book to read on his travels.

He gladly accepted, said he was looking forward to reading it, thanked me again for buying his meal and left holding my book.

I was not going to share this story, but since it has been leaked by someone - I'm guessing someone who worked there - I decided to let you know what really happened.

He was a great guy and I hope he reads the book and is inspired. (I'm the kind of person who packs up his leftovers at a restaurant and finds a homeless person outside to give it to. I would have done that for anyone who's card was declined. Not just because of who he is. It's good karma!)

You can check out what he's reading, plus more pictures atwww.HeartbreakDreams.com

Me. Justin Bieber. My Book. Subway. Good Deeds.